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As a leading sporting goods manufacturer in the country we like to start our day early. Keeping ahead of the competition, we not only provide our clientele with high quality products and short lead times; we here at Saviour strongly believe that the services we provide to our customers are just as tantamount to our success.


On a typical day we would step in the office and be welcomed with mixture of smiles and greetings, from work partners rather than just colleagues.
On your entrance you cannot miss the greenery surrounding the office, sometimes you can see a squirrel chirping or a furry creature playing in the lush green lawns. All this makes your day a little brighter.


We have a diversified working environment where people of different ages, ethnicities, languages, work-style, cultures, genders, sexual orientation work alongside each other. It is all the differences that make us a motivated and creative team. Our core morning activity focuses on communicating and managing our clientele base.
Our company’s success rests on the shoulders of our people. That is why we regularly conduct CPEs (continuous professional education), training and workshops. We consider this to be very important as it equips our employees with the right skill sets to perform they jobs better and to be updated with current markets trends and innovations.


Lastly Saviour’s safe, ergonomically and an environmental friendly working atmosphere is very important to employee satisfaction. We conduct training on material handlings, machine operations, fire drills and drills against any extenuating circumstances. We have a structural safety manual of project infrastructure, fire control systems empowered with the support of Rescue, 1199 and Fire Retardant arrangements for emergency situations. Please note it is essential for every employee to read our manual prior to commencement of employment. We also encourage our employees to join us in social work i.e. campaigning against heinous practices in the industry such as child and forced labor. As we have an intolerable policy on these issues.
Being a part of Saviour is a matter of pride and satisfaction. Whether we are in Production or in supporting departments we are one team and one family. As a part of this close-knitted team you will never work alone.